Almost every small company out there has some experience with setting up an online business. Yet, the catch in this phrase lies in the words “some experience”, since this and not “successful experience” is the kind that almost all small companies have achieved.

And it is no coincidence. A well-put, reliable and secure eCommerce website that is also successful requires a tremendous amount of work and maintenance depending on the kind of business that it supports.

This is why the most commonly witnessed scenario in these cases is to see any given company build a website where they showcase their products. Then, as if it were enough, they also set up billing software in order to accept credit cards and thus, have a way to  charge customers for their purchases. Of course, it is not strange to see websites like these fail miserably not just for not being able to make a single sale, but for not being able no make even a considerable amount of visits.

Sadly enough, this is the way most businesses learn how things truly work online, and the most devastating fact is that many of those businesses never try again, and the ones who do, tremble at the daunting tasks that they will have to undertake in order to implement their eCommerce websites.

Luckily though, one of our company’s strengths is precisely the complete implementation of eCommerce solutions from the ground up, so that our customers don’t have to worry about the unending amount of technical details that are absolutely necessary to bring a successful eCommerce website to life.

Here you have a more in depth explanation of some of the most important benefits that compose our eCommerce website design services:

  • Custom design: One of the main problems with web design companies nowadays, is that a great deal of them are managed and run by just one or two people at most and, in order to cash on their customers as fast as possible, they start to rely on web templates for their design efforts. This results in heavy damage done to the company that buys their service, since they end up with a design that not even the developers they hired fully understand. This, without even considering that since the developers are not familiar with the template they are working on, it is almost sure that many necessary elements of the client’s webpage will be sacrificed.

On the other hand, every single website we work on is guaranteed to be created all the way from the ground up, with every foreground and background element specifically tailored to fit the particular needs of our client. This level of knowledge (they are our own designs after all) allows us to answer any question and implement any modification that the our client might require, as well as making our response time much faster at whatever change the Internet might come up with.

  • Integration with payment processor of choice: When it comes to accepting payment methods online, flexibility is the key. Its importance resides in the immediacy people demand when purchasing goods or services online. So, once all the efforts and investments on an eCommerce website finally pay off and the customer is ready to pay, he or she better finds a payment processor that accepts his payment method, be it credit card, debit card, Paypal, eChecks or any other method. Otherwise, the online business risks loosing a sale and more importantly, a customer.  This is why we have placed so much importance in being able to integrate our customers’ eCommerce websites with any payment method they wish to use and then some. And when we say integration, we don’t mean just placing the Buy Now links on their websites. What we do is take care of every aspect of the payment process, from registering the payment, to sending follow-up emails to the customers and even delivering the digital goods immediately after fulfilling payment (only in case the products sold are digital in nature of course).

No one wants to lose a sale and all the effort placed behind it, and we are here to make sure our clients’ websites are ready for when the moment of selling comes.

  • Intuitive eCommerce System: The many advantages of having your own eCommerce system makes it the natural method of choice to manage an online business, especially when it comes to the flexibility it offers. With the full control of the eCommerce system we implement for our clients, they are free to customize every aspect of their website in order to improve its performance.

Furthermore, our eCommerce system offers a rich control panel where the client can track orders and products, as well as manage inventories and many other functions.

  • Fully managed website hosting: Website hosting is one of the most important aspects of any successful web business, yet it is also one of the most underestimated by many web business owners. However, since it is vital for both the security and the performance of any website, here we work with state of the art server technology and with highly secure data centers.

Both of these add a layer of protection to our clients’ websites that is definitely appreciated, as is the fact that these servers make sure their websites are up and running at every moment, which of course is essential for any eCommerce website.

  • Online marketing services: If we were to choose one aspect where eCommerce websites differ from traditional businesses the greatest, it would have to be the way companies market their businesses. While for traditional brick and mortar businesses, success is all about location, for websites it is all about traffic. In fact, a website can be beautifully built and can provide the most interesting content on the web, but if it is not visited, then it is as if it had never existed.

Getting a website built properly and gaining the first batches of visitors are already hard goals to accomplish, but keeping those visitors and making them come back for more while at the same time gaining more traffic is something that only a professional team can accomplish in a relatively short span of time.

To achieve just this, our company provides many integrated solutions, like the complete implementation of email marketing strategies, pay-per-click campaigns, geo-targeting and more. All while following the best SEO (Search Engine Optimization) methods that will get our customers’ websites ranked among the first places every time a potential visitor performs a search on any major search engine.

  • Integration with Google Services: Among the many features offered by Google like Analytics (that we offer integration with), Google also offers the new Google Base, whose purpose is to gather information about any subject and to which anyone is free to post. The good thing about this new venue is that since it is not yet widely known, it represents a great doorway for a new online business to advertise itself.

That, along with a full integration with Google’s Analytics service, provides a great tool for our clients to both market their eCommerce websites and to obtain accurate reports of those and other marketing and advertising efforts.

  • Dedicated account manager: One of the features that have become a trademark of our company is no doubt the dedicated account manager we provide to each of our clients. This account manager serves as a point of convergence for all of our clients’ doubts and queries and can be contacted by either phone, email, MSN Messenger and also Skype. This gives our clients a deeper level of control over their websites as well as keeping the flow of communication between them and us always open.

As you have seen, these are some quite important features to consider if one is planning on starting an eCommerce website, and the best part of all is that every single service presented above is just a part of an all-in-one full service approach that comes at a price that is almost unbeatable by any other web design company on the market.

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